Your All-in-One Medical Clinic in Parramatta

Do you prefer one paediatrician, another GP and that specific Gynae, but they are all scattered across Sydney? We bring you a medical clinic and lifestyle centre in Parramatta that have all the services you need under one roof. Our healthcare professional will look after you and treat you and your family under one roof.

Services the Optimum Medhealth Medical Clinic Provides

When you’re feeling sick, or you have to look after a sick loved one, you are tired, and you don’t have the energy to look for doctors and specialists, nor driving around from north to south Sydney to visit different practitioners. See which services we provide at our medical clinic in Parramatta:

  • General practice: Our doctors can assist you in this regard with anything from the common cold to minor operative procedures, skin cancer checks, minor injuries as well as medical examinations for insurance or pre-employment.
  • Children’s health: We look after children from their infant stage – administering their immunisations and monitor their growth and development if they were premature. You can bring your toddler to us for check-ups, as well as your teen as we specialise adolescent health as well.
  • Adult care: No matter if you need help with your weight, your health, fitness or exercise routine, we can help you with anything that you experience as an adult. Because your life, health, and choices don’t only affect you, we offer couples’ counselling and family counselling, as well as stress management programmes.

Visit our Parramatta medical centre where we will take care of your physical and mental wellbeing and eliminate the stress of searching and travelling around from one place to the next. We save you time and the logistical nightmares of coordinating the activities of a family.

What You Can Expect From Our Parramatta Medical Clinic

We support our community health and development in any way we can. We care for our Parramatta residents, but we look forward to helping anyone in need of our professional medical services.

  • We see you through. One of our specialised services is female health. We can monitor your pregnancy, do gynaecological examinations, as well as advise on family planning and care going forward. We want to be there for you, from the moment you first see us during pregnancy and help you care for your children until you see them off into adulthood. We are here for you every step of their way, your way and the road after.
  • Prevention. Yes, the age-old saying, prevention is better than cure, has never aged, and we firmly believe that it is better to prevent any illness than to try and cure or manage it. We do screening and early detection of diseases to give you a healthier, happier life.
  • Professionals. We are a group of professionals, working together to your benefit. We each specialise in a different field, and we have access to a vast amount of shared brainpower should we come across a challenge.

About Optimum Medhealth

If you are in Parramatta or the surrounds, bring your family for a check-up and experience our professional, caring touch. We care for our community and will do whatever we can to make sure they are healthy.

Contact us today for more information.

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