When was the last time you went for a skin check in Parramatta?

Did you know that skin cancer is prevalent in Australia? Studies show that by the time they reach 70, two in every three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer.

At Optimum Medhealth, we aim to help you with the early detection of the signs of skin cancer and other skin conditions in order implement effective and potentially life-saving treatment. We proudly serve the communities of Parramatta and surrounding suburbs with superb medical care.

The Benefits of a Skin Specialist in Parramatta

The health of our communities is our foremost concern and we attempt to achieve optimal health for our neighbours through a collaborative approach to healthcare, focusing, though not by any means exclusively, on preventative medicine.

  • With the extraordinarily high instances of skin cancer among Australians regular visits to your skin specialist is paramount to your ongoing health. You will be thoroughly examined for signs of skin cancer, including possible malignant moles and other symptoms, and be referred to a dermatologist if necessary.
  • Early detection of signs of skin cancer is imperative for the effective treatment of the disease and is a crucial factor in the elimination of the disease. Choose Optimum Medhealth for your mole removal in Parramatta.
  • Our skin specialist can perform biopsies where necessary and assist in the prevention and treatment of skin cancer. Be safe and not sorry. Come in for a consultation if you suspect something may be wrong, or if you exhibit any symptoms, regardless of the severity.

What You Can Expect From Optimum Medhealth Regarding a Sun Doctor in Parramatta

We serve our local communities with passion and pride, providing a wide range of quality healthcare services with care, compassion and the utmost in professionalism. Our diverse team of experienced doctors and healthcare professionals deliver an essential service to our local communities, focussing on giving excellent professional and personal care.

  • Our patient care is such that you will never want to visit a different medical centre again. We leave no stone unturned to provide top quality health care to our communities. As a local medical practise, we believe in community, and we go out of our way to ensure that our patients soon feel that they are part of the family.
  • Our scope of medical services is diverse, ranging from general practice to children’s health services to adult and women’s health and psychology services. Whatever ails you, our professional team is always on standby to provide proficient help and support.
  • From your first contact with us to the end of your visit, we aim to provide the ultimate in professional and personal care. We believe in getting to know our patients, both as a way to further establish our practice within the culture of the community, but also as a way for us to provide our patients with accurate and efficient medical services.

About Optimum Medhealth

We are a top local family medical practice providing a wide range of medical services to our patients from Parramatta and the surrounding suburbs.

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